What does it mean for a material to be smart

pink far knit stretching.gif

Knit Self-Assembly

This collection of knit structures all display shape memory phenomena - their shapes and structures physically programmed into the material using Shima Seiki Knitting Machines. This knits can be washed, steamed and otherwise distorted while retaining their shape memory. There is wonderful potential to integrate components capable of responding to tension and bend into these knits.

green med far knit stretch.gif

These knit structures were develop as part of the TEK-TILES fellowship at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator.  The patterns are based on research by Genevieve Dion at Drexel University and Hong Hu at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This work was exhibited at The CUNY Queens College Art Center as part of the Fabric Of Cultures Exhibition from October to December 2017.


This fellowship was supported by a federal grant from the US Department of Commerce.

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